Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Four P's

Prada, Pucci, Proenza, Posen.....?  Can't keep a girl from dreaming.

Sorry to break your fashion concentrated hearts, dear readers, but today, the four P's in question are not rooted in the above mentioned immaculate design houses.  Instead, they refer to the four essential P's in fashion and retail marketing: Product. Place. Price. Promotion.  Although these elements may not be as aesthetically pleasing as Prada's fall runway collection, they are still an exciting key to success in the industry!

The idea of the P's came from Nicole Rehyle of RetailMinded.com, a boutique blog and support firm for retailers and wholesalers.  She explains the four P's presence (excuse the alliteration) in the industry as well as four other factors that play into fashion credibility.  To get the whole story from the horse's mouth (and in this case, the horse is a zebra sporting this season's chic stripes), read Nicole's piece and apply those P's to your fashion dreams!

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