Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Blog About A Blog

Hello! This is Katelyn Finn, I'll be blogging for the Chicago Fashion Incubator a bit this summer!

With social media invading our thoughts, and every answer to every question imaginable at our internet capable finger tips, I have to beg the question:  how does a fashion designer take advantage of this online marketplace?

As I was writing my daily submission....POW!  The idea was right under my nose (literally and figuratively) : a blog would serve as the perfect vehicle to both establish and further promote an emerging designer with his or her line.  Agreeing with me on this point is Jane Hamill, a Chicago fashion professional herself.  She is the founder of Jane Hamill Consulting which is a firm that works with fashion designer companies on the business side of things. On her own blog, Jane spotlighted the DOs and DON'Ts  of the operational management of a fashion design blog written by Erika Gimbel, a Chicago freelance writer.  Take care to study these helpful tips, my fashion forward readers!

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