Thursday, February 12, 2009

Welcoming in the New Class

Tonight was a special night, our first Designers in Residence welcomed in the new 2009 class and the wonderful ladies over at second city style were amongst the first to get the word out. Here's a snippet of their coverage, please click on the link to read the whole story.
Melissa Gamble introduced the 2009 designers. Left to right: Ashley Zygmunt, Alonzo Jackson, Cynthia Ryba, Catherine Furio, Jess Audey and Nora Del Busto. Photo courtesy of Second City Style.

"Last night there was a changing of the guard at Macy's. It was a celebration to wish the class of 2008 Chicago Fashion Incubator designers well, and to say hello to six designers who will be occupying their studio space within the offices of Macy's on State Street. The outgoing class included Kate Coxworth - Kate Boggiano, Yana German - YANA Collection, Kristen Rosynek Hassan - organiK Revolution, Glenn Mallory - 6Ace by Glen Mallory, Agga Raya - AGGA B and Lidia Wachowska - Evil Kitty."

On March 1st, 2009 we'll welcome in the brand new class! Stay tuned to meet:

Alonzo Jackson
Ashley Zygmunt
Catherine Furio
Cynthia Ryba
Jess Audey
Nora Del Busto

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