Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Impressionism, Fashion & Modernity Design Challenge

What is the challenge? 

 The CFI designers-in-residence will compete to design a garment inspired by an impressionistic painting. The exhibition will be held at the Art Institute where curator, Gloria Groom will judge the winning piece. The designers will choose one image to influence their design. 

What image did the designers choose?

Designer: Lagi Nadeau
Artist: Edgar Degas
Art Piece: The Millinery Shop (1879)                   

"I love the color palette and this was the first piece that spoke to me. After I selected it I realized that being in Louisville for a Kentucky Derby themed trunk show not too long ago may have influenced my pick, I loved seeing ladies selecting their hats to complete their outfit." 

Lagi was drawn to the colors, details, and pleating of the dress in the piece. She plans to incorporate these elements in her design. 
Designer: Olivia Hwang 
Artist: Claude Monet |Art Piece: Women in the Garden (1866)


"I loved the scenery and the way the lighting hit the white dresses."

Olivia plans to execute her design in a luxurious form as the picture illustrates. She was inspired by the white extravagant dresses and the detailed black trim. This art piece is perfect for her inspiration as a bridal designer.

Designer: Shelby Steiner
Artist: Albert Bartholome | Art Piece: In the Conservatory (1881)

“I was immediately drawn to the prints; the mixture of polka dots with stripes.”

Shelby is inspired by the layering and prints of this art piece. In her previous collections she has mastered the idea of mixing prints and modernizing them into her distinctive aesthetic.

Designer: Katelyn Pankoke
Artist: Jean Beraud | Art Piece: A Ball (1878)

"I first noticed of course, beautiful white gown, which inspired me as a bridal designer."

Katelyn plans to use texture, color, and the depth of the art piece she has chosen. She is inspired by the focal point of her art piece which portrays a woman in a beautiful white dress. 

Designer: Takako Yamanaka
Artist: James Tissot| Art Piece: Women of Paris: The Circus Lover (1885)


"I was drawn to the color because a lot of my pieces are colorful and are detailed."

Takako was inspired by this piece because of the beautiful color, lace, and fan details; she will use these elements in her design. Her garment will also include a Japenese and western influence.

Designer: Agnes Hamerlik

Artist: James Tissot | Art Piece: The Two Sisters (1863)

"This art piece inspired me because it shows loyalty and connection between sisters."

Agnes was attracted to the emotional elements of this picture. She was also inspired by the muted color pallet and the sisterhood theme; she plans to incorporate these inspirations in her design.

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