Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Design Challenge Results

Congratulations to designer Shelby Steiner for being chosen to have her garment displayed at the Art Institute Museum. 
 Shelby Steiner
Interpretation of “In the Conservatory” by Albert Bartholome (1881)

Lagi Nadeau
Interpretation of “The Millinery Shop” 
    by Edgar Degas (1885) 

Olivia Hwang
Interpretation of “Woman in the garden”     
by Claude Monet (1866)

Agnes Hamerlik
Interpretation of “The Two Sisters” by James Tissot (1863)

Kate Pankoke  
Interpretation of “A Ball” by Jean Beraud (1878)

Takako Yamanaka
Interpretation of “Women of Paris: The Circus Lover” by James Tissot (1885)

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