Monday, June 18, 2012

Alumni News
Refinery 29 recently covered a DIR alum, Christina Fan's  new spring/summer collection for C/FAN. Christina launched C/FAN in 2008, before coming to the Incubator in 2010. The article, "C/FAN's Spring Line Gives the Kaleidoscope A Run For Its Money," accurately captured Christina's striking play of color and light.

"Designer Christina Fan looked to the South American Quechua dialect, particularly their word "k'anchaypacha," to guide her creative vision for her spring/summer collection. The definition: light is a dynamic element with its own life force. The interpretation: Rainbow Brite designs that definitely take on a life of their own on flowing caftans, frocks, and tunics"

Yet the collection truly needs no explanation, for the pieces speak for themselves. Read the article and take a look at the new collection here!

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