Thursday, December 8, 2011

"Made in Chicago" T Shirts - The Perfect Holiday Gift!

Have you ever noticed that Chicagoans are full of pride for their city?  Yes we do have utterly freezing long winters and not so honest politicians, but don't let us catch you saying anything badly about Chicago or else!  We are born, bred, and "Made in Chicago."

Majority of the Designers at the Chicago Fashion Incubator pride themselves on the fact that their garments are created and manufactured locally.  CFI itself focuses on supporting Chicago designers and giving them resources to help create successful businesses.  CFI has taken that effort one step further and created an organic "Made in Chicago" T shirt that not only allows you to show your pride for the city you love, but also helps support the Chicago Fashion Incubator and our mission to support local fashion designers.  

Dare we suggest that this could be the perfect holiday gift for that special Chicagoan in your life?  These limited addition shirts are available for purchase in our Etsy store (CFI Etsy Store), get one before they are gone!  Look fashionable and help support your local community of fashion designers!

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