Monday, May 18, 2009

The Business of Fashion

Wow. What a past week here at The Chicago Fashion Incubator (CFI)...

On May 11th our Designers in Residence (DIR) learned all about costing their garments. Costing is obviously essential to any great design business, but not valuing products correctly seems to be the biggest mistake that all new designers make. Thanks to the amazing Kathy Chrucky the designers have been hard at work breaking down their pricing structures.

On May 13th the DIR had their second Marketing Planning session with the incredible Ken Walter. SWOT analysis, competitive analysis, and target market psychographics are just a few of the great exercises the designers have been working on.

Today the DIR and I headed over to ORBA to learn all about Quickbooks - a near perfect tool for any small business, especially for a new designer to manage their accounting.

Ahhhhhh. Just another week here at CFI!

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